As well spent the days Books novels stories of the Aveyron (12) France
just dreaming in my garden
Auto édition Nadine Passim
12270 La  Fouillade
copyright legal deposit
September 2014
N° ISBN 979-10-94363-01-0


As well spent the days
   An undulating landscape cut by hedgerows of hawthorn bushes, brambles, wild roses and by places, walls crumbled.

With the gray stone strewn with warm colors,

Or mingle with the reflections of the sky and the straw hues of the wheats mature.
   All this, mixed with greens, browns intense.
   There are grid yet of chestnuts to the wood fire, while drinking a wine-light, to find the scents that arouse the memories.
   Through the adventures of Charlou, you will discover the hard life of the peasants of Lévézou.
The reading a passion

Let us dream together
Nadine passim
Auto edition
La Fouillade 12270

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